Rice husks can be used in a variety of ways.
Not only in the garden or for your favorite pets,
rice splices are also very often used in industry.









Who we are

Many years of experience

Rice husks have been used in Asia for centuries. For example, for strengthening plants and as bedding for chickens and quail.

Our farms have been working with rice husks for generations and know exactly what it takes.

We as Thai Tantee would also like to offer you in Europe access to this natural fertilizer and bedding/feed additive from Asia.



Thai Tantee is a small German/Thai family business with employees in Thailand and Indonesia.



In Thailand and Indonesia we work with our own and partner farms. This allows us to deliver without interruption throughout the year.


Rice husks per day

Over 500 tons of rice husks are obtained on average per day in our farms.


Employees (Farms)

All farms together currently employ more than 200 people and we continue to grow together.

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Handmade &
100% without additives

Our rice husks are obtained and processed under high quality standard.

Our products

Rice husks nature

Mulch with silica (silicon) for your plants as an overlay or for mixing in.
Animal litter & feed additive for happy chickens, quail and terrariums.

Rice husks ash

Carbon-based natural fertilizer with silicic acid (silicon) to be mixed with the soil. Keeps roots / soil loose and reduces dehydration. No more sticking.